The IACS Company has the task to support client in the Automotive business to achieve their own businesses goals with their respective OEMs.
To accomplish this task, IACS may help in the following support areas:

  • Strategic vision and Strategic Planning;
  • Business development;
  • Commercial support for Global Sales;
  • Engineering and Customer platform knowledges;
  • Product and Quality Processes;
  • Project Managment knowledge and capability;

Therefore there are areas where IACS may generate a significant added value to its Clients addressing them to take the succesful road, without forgetting a clear relationship:

  1. A defined Business and Technical scope on which the team has to focus on;
  2. A minimum of period of time contractually granted in order to “understand and promote” the company to the OEM*;
  3. A clear Business timeframe relationship going forward;
  4. A defined number of resources and service level;
  5.  A defined business development based on results;